Because Karl Marx was problematic, we’ll have to abandon his work. Because everyone is problematic, we’ll have to abandon everything. Just reblog memes, describe your privileges, sign petitions you don’t understand for countries you’ll never live in and make sure you continue jacking off to liberal identity politics. Revolutionary work.

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i believe that in order to understand the simultaneous tendencies of postmodernism to:

a) attempt to decentralize and deconstruct pervasive narratives
b) nevertheless often work within and be complicit in pervasive narratives

you really have to read a ton of slash fanfiction.

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It is written that the tree shall be known by its fruits. The Church has borne too many evil fruits for there not to have been some mistake at the beginning. Europe has been spiritually uprooted, cut off from that antiquity in which all the elements of our civilization have their origin; and she has gone about uprooting the other continents from the sixteenth century onwards. Missionary zeal has not Christianized Africa, Asia and Oceania, but has brought these territories under the cold, cruel and destructive domination of the white race, which has trodden down everything. It would be strange, indeed, that the word of Christ should have produced such results if it had been properly understood.
― Simone Weil, Letters to a Priest (via greenturtleisland)
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